Who We Are
The Mission of Heartsong Animal Healing is to mitigate the impacts of trauma (the underlying cause of most illness and mental/emotional distress), build trust, improve physical and emotional well being, facilitate improvements in behavioral challenges and to build the human-animal partnership.

What We Do
All Services
  1. Reiki
    Reiki is a Japanese energy system in which energy flows through the Practitioner to the being needing the healing. Reiki can not only bring healing on all levels, but joy, peace and deep relaxation.
  2. Developing Partnerships
    Developing Partnerships
    The deeper your relationship with yourself, the more deeply connected you will be with others/your animal companions. Learn how to stay grounded, be peaceful and open your heart.
  3. Sound Healing
    Sound Healing
    Sound is the oldest method of healing and there is substantial research documenting the benefits. Illness and imbalances occur when your body is "out of tune". Sound healing can restore the harmony.